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For nearly 200 years, Bank of Montreal has been the financial institution in which Canadians put their trust. Its insurance division, BMO Life, has built a reputation as a trusted, reliable insurer helping make certain that those left behind after the loss of a family member have the financial resources needed to carry on.

Our clients often tell us the reasons that they chose BMO over the other companies offering term life insurance. Most often, they tell us they chose BMO because:

  • BMO responds faster than any other company in issuing a policy.
  • BMO rates are the best in the insurance industry.
  • BMO’s reputation for financial strength and client services.

Fast policy issuance? Our process is straightforward, streamlined:

  • You tell us how much insurance you want.
  • We issue a quote.
  • Your personal and medical information are collected together.
  • Acceptance and issuing a policy takes less than 48 hours.

How can our rates be so much better? Two reasons:

  • Only currently healthy people between the ages of 18 and 75 qualify. You’re not paying for unqualified people.
  • BMO quick application and issuance reduce overhead costs. Savings are passed along to you.

Why do others choose us? We hear things like:

  • “They don’t waste my time filling out long forms or requiring endless medical exams.”
  • “They will still be around when other companies have failed.”
  • “The 10 day money back, no questions asked guarantee sold me.”

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